What an amazing year 2016 was! I had the pleasure of photographing so many babies and little people.  I met so many new clients and saw many of my clients grow their family.  So many amazing moments!

2017 has started off with this gorgeous baby – Michael.  This handsome little guy came into the studio for his newborn photos with his mom.  Michael was my first newborn of 2017!

The first thing I noticed about Michael was his amazing skin.  Often newborns develop some baby acne within their first few weeks of life.  Not this baby.  Once his mother took off his hat, I squealed when I saw that gorgeous head of hair!  What a perfect baby!

Michael did well at the beginning of his session and stayed asleep through several of the poses before waking up to be fed and then we spent the next 45 minutes trying to get him back to sleep with no luck.  He obviously was concerned he was going to be missing all the action going on.  I decided to capture some wide awake shots of his big brown eyes and he even gave me a smile!  This one is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up…

Often times I receive questions about where I shoot, what lighting I am using or what lens I prefer to shoot with.  Here is a little inside information regarding my newborn sessions:

  • I prefer to photograph my newborns with my 35mm prime lens.  I love that it gives me the flexibility to capture both wide angle shots or close up shots.  My next go to would be my 50mm, however I use the 35mm on most of my newborn sessions.
  • My studio has no natural light so I use studio light.  I love studio light.  I have an 84 inch Umbrella that I use with an Einstein Flash Unit.  My favorite thing about studio light is the control I have.  I always have perfect lighting in the studio.
  • All my newborn sessions are done in my studio space located in Kirkland, WA.  Its not a large space but it is perfect to capture memories of my littlest clients.  I have every kind of prop imaginable, comfy chairs for the parents and heat to keep the baby warm during the session.

Here are some of the beautiful images captured during Michael’s session:

Seattle Newborn PhotographerSeattle Newborn PhotographerSeattle Newborn Photographer Seattle Newborn Photographer Seattle Newborn Photographer Seattle Newborn Photographer

Images by Torri Howard is a Seattle newborn photographer specializing in newborn and baby photography. If you are looking for a Seattle newborn photographer, and would like to book a session with Torri, email imagesbytorrihoward@gmail.com or fill out this form.